A  passionate Clinical Embryologist with nearly 30 years experience caring for embryos, eggs and sperm. My work has  taken me to all corners of the globe, as both an embryologist and a courier.   It all started in Melbourne, Australia, where l am based,  but l have also worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I have been part of a large team in  sophisticated state of the art laboratories providing the Worlds best treatment.   I have also faced the ultimate challenge as the sole Embryologist in remote basic facilities requiring resourcefulness and creative, complex thought and decision making, equipping me with the skills required to navigate my way through any circumstance.   


As a courier,  my tanks are my laboratory and l maintain  them as  I would all laboratory equipment, leaving nothing to chance, monitoring multiple parameters to minimise risk and maximise security.   My experience and knowledge of both the IVF industry and laboratory best practice  means I can, not only provide a high quality courier service but also help guide you through this difficult time with compassion and understanding.




Transport you can trust 

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